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  BÖCKER – Generations of Sourdough Knowledge and Experience
Tradition BÖCKER is a family-owned, medium-sized company that has been producing natural sourdoughs for bakeries and bakery suppliers since 1910.

BÖCKER is constantly investing into basic research on sourdough products. BÖCKER scientists are working with national and international organizations as well as universities, and take part in on-going research projects. All members of our staff have many years of experience but they continue to acquire new knowledge by attending international meetings and events.

The BÖCKER Reinzucht-Sauerteig starter has been established as a global standard product for sourdough fermentation.


The BÖCKER development department designs, produces, tests and releases products and recipes according to customer requirements. BÖCKER is open to new ideas – even unusual ones.

New raw materials and fermentation processes are tested and often generate astonishing results with new aroma and properties.

Microbiology BÖCKER 's product designers can choose from a comprehensive selection of cultures and microorganisms. These cultures - skillfully combined with state-of-the-art technology - form the basis of a never ending stream of products with new characteristics and flavours.

From the use of raw materials to production processes and final products – everything is precisely documented and monitored. In particular, our microbiological control of culture strains ensures the safety of BÖCKER products.



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